Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Mother-daughter duo, Avril and Cindy Joffe, combine their passion for unique and beautiful objects to create handcrafted jewelry using unusual combinations of diamonds, semi-precious gemstones, antiqued sterling silver, intricate gold chains and other rare beads from around the world.

Over the years, Avril and Cindy used their time away from their careers as lawyers and business owners to nurture their creativity at the family mountain cabin overlooking pastures, pristine lakes, and the never-ending Blue Ridge Mountains. The influence of such natural beauty is reflected in their work.

When Cindy became severely ill, Avril inspired her to focus on her creative talents. Together, with a shared passion for jewelry designing, they spent their days creating exquisite designs. Having lived in Africa and traveled the world, their designs reflect cultures from across the globe. Each piece of jewelry has its own distinct personality and mystique.

The rest is history. In just a short time, Avril and Cindy formed avindy. Cindy left her career as a trademark attorney and Avril stepped down from running the family owned chain of car washes. The pair gained amazing momentum in the beginning stages hosting several fabulously successful trunk shows. Their big break came when Fragments,the country’s most exclusive jewelry showroom, offered avindy representation. In the first month, Fragments placed avindy jewelry in Saks Fifth Avenue, Barney’s Japan and on Britney Spears! avindy is still with Fragments today and can be found in over 300 stores worldwide!

Avril and Cindy make avindy in their historic loft studio in Atlanta with a dedicated staff of artistic women, their St. Bernard dogs and Cindy’s new baby Dylan!

(from avindy.com)

their designs are inspired by tribal cultures around the world and are incredibly unique and beautiful. I love the suva pearl necklace.

<3 kitchenette.


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